Activities near your beachfront condo in the Caribbean

beachfront condo caribbeanGuests to Providenciales are often asked to name their favorite spots on the island, ideally close to their “dream” ultra-luxurious beachfront condo in the Caribbean (we can all dream, can’t we?)

Everyone has their own favorite spot here, but there are a few popular spots that came up again and again. So, here’s our list:

Grace Bay Beach

Influential magazine US News and World Report has just named Turks and Caicos one of the top 22 honeymoon destinations in the world. Why?

Turks & Caicos are perhaps one of the least developed Caribbean destinations — and make for an intimate and somewhat secluded honeymoon experience. Besides the beaches, the main attractions in Turks & Caicos are snorkeling, scuba diving and spa treatments, all of which can be enjoyed by newly married couples. 

US News and World Report says one of the greatest attractions on Provo is visiting Grace Bay Beach, but they’re writing for honeymooners, we guess, and may not have heard about the privacy and seclusion of Long Bay Beach. It’s close to Grace Bay but is a world away, offering seclusion and privacy.

Conch Farm

The Conch Farm, located on the Leeward Highway, quite close to Long Bay Beach, exports conch products all over the world. Although very much a commercial operation, the farm features plenty of exhibits and hands-on experiences. It’s perfect for families, and is a great way to spend one of the rare rainy days on Provo.

Little Water Cay

Iguana Island, also known as Little Water Cay, is a small cay off the northeastern tip of Provo that’s accessible only by boat. The resident iguanas are quite used to people, and actually will run out to greet visitors. Close to the Shore Club at the end of the Leeward Highway, Iguana Island makes a perfect afternoon excursion.

Bight Reef, Princess Alexandra National Park

Located just off Grace Bay, this easily accessible reef teems with tropical fish, and is also a perfect destination for glass-bottomed kayak tours. Bight Reef (commonly known as Reef Gardens) probably one of the safest places to snorkel on Provo (but check with hotel staff first) as it is shallow and enclosed.

Chalk Sound

Dominating the wilder western half of the island of Provo, Chalk Sound is a spectacular vista dotted with small islets floating atop a beautiful turquoise lagoon. Perfect for birdwatching or taking beautiful pictures to torment your friends with on Facebook, Chalk Sound is a great place to explore on the way to bonefishing.

The Shore Club on Long Bay Beach is becoming well-known as the place to find a perfect beachfront condo in the Caribbean.


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