Beachfront condo in the Caribbean takes advantage of Provo’s geography

Your Long Bay beachfront condo in the Caribbean is close to the amenities of Grace Bay, but far off the beaten track to give you solitude and privacy.Your beachfront condo in the Caribbean takes advantage of Provo’s geography. First, the Shore Club is the first resort real estate development on spectacular Long Bay Beach, with unobstructed views of Turks & Caicos’ famous turquoise waters – perhaps Provo’s most famous geographic asset after its pure white beaches.

Long Bay Beach itself is located on the southwest (and undeveloped) coast of the island. Located about fifteen minutes by car from Providenciales airport, the area is most easily accessed via the Leeward Highway, which runs roughly from east to west along the island.

On the other side of the island, on the northern Leeward Shore, lies world-famous Grace Bay Beach, a short car ride away. Sedate Grace Bay features restaurants, shops and things to do for families. But travel back to the south side of the island and you’ll be in a different world.

The airport is located to the west of Long Bay Beach, and, due to Juba Point Salina, a large, shallow lagoon that’s great for bird watching, it’s just not possible to drive there along the south coast. What this means is Long Bay Beach is not a transit point or thoroughfare to anywhere, so there isn’t much traffic if any at all.

Chalk Sound lies to the west of the airport, on the opposite side of the island from Long Shore. A beautiful lagoon made up of brilliant blues and rocky cliffs, Chalk Sound is great for sailing, windsurfing and fishing. Taylor Bay Beach is located in this area, and a journey to Bonefish Point with a fly fishing rod may result in – what else – a bonefish!

It’s also possible to charter a boat to visit Little Water Cay (aka “Iguana Island”) off the northeast tip of the island and less than 10 minutes by car from Long Bay Beach. Middle Caicos, the next large island to the east, with its limestone caves and natural scenery can also be accessed by charter boat or plane from Provo.

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The Shore Club at Long Bay Beach features stunning beachfront condos in the Caribbean.

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