Explore Provo from your own Caribbean beach villa

At the Shore Club, your Caribbean beach villa on the shores of Long Bay Beach, Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) will be located close to nature, both on Provo and neighboring islands.

To give you some idea of what a special and unique part of the world this is, we thought we’d provide a little information about this  a British Overseas Territory, is close to the North American mainland, but far enough out in the Caribbean as if to inhabit their own world.

The eight bigger islands of TCI continue an arc made by the Bahamas island chain to the north, and are divided into to two distinct islet groups, the Turks and the Caicos. Grand Turk, to the east, is the political capital of the islands, while the Caicos to the west themselves take up the most area of the territory, with several large islands that are virtually uninhabited and accessible only by boat, or sometimes by small plane. This interesting feature can be found on Ambergris Cay.

The sand is white, and the various islands seem to just float on the surface of the Caribbean. This is because most of the Turks and Caicos is the remains of ancient coral reefs perched on top of underwater mountains called seamounts.

Providenciales, or Provo, is the economic hub of TCI, and is home to the only international airport in the Turks and Caicos. Provo is home to 22,000 people, but these numbers swell during the dry season over the winter, when many international visitors arrive. However, there is more than enough space on Provo for all of these visitors, with plenty of hotel accommodation at Grace Bay Beach, or scattered communities connected by the Leeward Highway, such as Turtle Tail, Silly Creek and Chalk Sound.

Silly Creek, opposite Chalk Sound National Park, is perfect for scuba diving or para sailing, although some people explore the national park by sea kayak or by small dinghy. The water is crystal clear and perfect for snorkelling and exploring, and there are always sea turtles and eagle rays to observe. Sometimes a friendly dolphin will stop by for a visit.

The Shore Club at Long Bay Beach is the first Caribbean beach villa luxury resort real estate development on pristine Long Bay Beach with just 38 suites in 2 low-rise buildings and 6 detached villas

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